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Linen Construction and Thread Count

Have you ever wanted to know how a 200 thread count cotton/polyester blend sheet is different from a 350 thread count all-cotton sheet? Or why one sheet is still usable after two years and 200 washings while another sheet is disintegrating after 6 months and 50 washings?

Glen Phillips and Associates has written extensively on the subject and produced a short article which effectively explains what makes linen both luxurious and durable - Understanding Thread Count in Hospitality Bed Linen

Sam Garofalo wrote an article that specifically discussed the challenges of processing high-thread count all-cotton linen in a commercial laundry setting - High Thread-Count Blues

Current State of the Linen Industry:
2011 is proving to be a challenging year for everyone in the linen industry. The price of cotton has more than doubled over this past year, thus making the cost of finished goods significantly more expensive. In today’s challenging economic climate, linen manufacturers may cut corners in their manufacturing processes. By using inferior quality raw materials in an effort to control costs and maintain competitive pricing, the quality, longevity and finish of linen and towels can vary tremendously.

With no uniform standard for the production of goods, it is incumbent upon our hotel customers to carefully consider all new purchases of linen and towels.  We strongly recommend that you have us test wash a few samples of what you are considering for purchase.

One of the larger and more reputable linen manufacturers we work with published a letter on the current state of the market. A copy of the letter can be found here.

Inventory and Linen Replacement Best Practices
Glen Philips has also written on the topic of inventory best practices, maintenance and replacement. Please clink on the following links to read more:

Quick, Easy, Accurate Linen Inventory Techniques

Hospitality Industry Textile Replacement Factors



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