The Decision to Outsource


RHSI prides itself on using the most energy efficient equipment available. In order to ensure its long-term viability and operational efficiency, our Chief Engineer maintains a computerized maintenance program and carefully monitors performance and discharge metrics. In addition, our sophisticated heat reclamation system allows us to capture heat from departing water which effectively raises the temperature of our water to 55 degrees without any energy consumption.

In 2009, we installed the Norchem Ultrapure water reclamation system. The total cost of this system with installation exceeded $1.2 million, but enabled us to reduce our water consumption and sewer outflow by 70%. Based on the number of pounds we processed in 2010, this system enabled us to save the environment 42,000,000 gallons of water in one year! This also allows us to use less natural gas, as the water we use is heated once and maintains its temperature through subsequent wash and rinse cycles.

Finally, a recent inspection of our facility by the MWRA resulted in a letter of commendation for our water use practices.

In response to feedback from our hotel clients, our laundry management staff has painstakingly researched the cleansing process and uses products that are far less toxic than standard applications. Guest Satisfaction is ensured through the use of hypoallergenic wash formulas designed for individuals with sensitive skin or chemical allergies.

We believe that our laundry management solution will have a positive and lasting environmental impact on air quality in New England. The processing of laundry in one centralized location, using large tunnel washers with a much shorter wash cycle (18 minutes) than conventional equipment, will contribute to an overall reduction in fossil fuel emissions when compared to numerous smaller and less efficient machines operating independent of each other.


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